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Zinc Countertops
We have over 30 years of experience making zinc countertops in America. Call us for something unique and affordable. Our edge details are unique to Mio Metals and have been setting the standard in the industry for years. Designed by our experienced staff of fabricators and designers, our edge details keep getting rave reviews from professionals and customers across the country.
In addition to zinc, we are also experts with brass and copper.
Zinc Tables
Whether you need to outfit a cafe or make a statement in your dining room, Mio Metals table tops are unique and unforgettable.
1. Restaurant, bar, or cafe tables
2. Competitive pricing for standard sizes
3. Also consider full-size, custom dining tables
Zinc Sinks
Zinc Sinks by Mio Metals!
1. Zinc is soft so choose your sink application carefully
2. Continuously changing finish
3. Double bowl, drain boards and apron fronts available
Zinc Shelves
Mio Metals creates custom zinc shelves!
1. Lengths up to 15 feet
2. Easy to install
3. Patinas available to create that vintage look.
What Our Client Say

Bruce T

Everyone, and especially the client, is thrilled with the countertops. That matte finish is spectacular! We enjoyed working with you and hope to do it again soon.

Lilia T

The countertops are beautiful and perfectly sized. We really love them and look forward to the natural patina. Thank you.

Kathy S

It's here! The countertop is in place and we love it. We can't wait for our friends to see it this weekend. Perfect timing and you were great to work with.